January 14, 2014

Exotic Impressions, Views of Foreign Lands Collection

We are pleased to announce the Exotic Impressions, Views of Foreign Lands Collection is now available in the UH Digital Library! This collection is comprised of a diverse array of books from the William R. Jenkins Architecture & Art Library’s Rare Books Room. Each one depicts a foreign land in etchings, photography, or sketches. Unlike typical travel literature, these books primarily evoke an exotic, picturesque locale in imagery.


Some, like Fontainebleau, le Château: Album Artistique or Besley’s Eighteen Views of Devonshire (stamped Price One Shilling on the cover) are clearly travel souvenirs. Others, like Constantinople and the Scenery of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, Illustrated, are scholarly works for an audience unlikely to visit the city of their own.


The collection also includes an anonymous album of Victorian photographs taken in Edinburgh and inscribed by hand. The collection spans most of the 19th century, beginning with H.W. Williams’ Select Views in Greece, published in 1829.


Many thanks to all those who helped make this digital collection possible. Remember, you can find this and many more intriguing and exciting collections here at the UH Digital Library!

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