March 22, 2013

Seasonal Fashion Ideas! With a French Twist.

Spring is underway and it's about time to get out your sun-block and shades, maybe look for a nice sun-hat as well? Why not a late-Victorian style headdress? If you feel up to the challenge, imagine trying some of these hats on for size, pictured below.

Georges Goursat (1863–1934), also known by his nom de plume (pen name) SEM, was a renowned French illustrator and caricaturist during the Belle Époque (Beautiful Era) in French history. His illustrations and cartoons portray high-class society of Parisian lifestyle around the time of World War I. As you can tell, fashion came with quite an extravagant taste and a wide variety of trending head gear. The bigger the head piece, the more "it" factor one could have.

The Digital Library houses four volumes of the SEM Collection that come from the UH Architecture and Art Library’s Kenneth Franzheim II Rare Books Room. Consisting of his self-titled SEM (1920), Le Vrai & le Faux Chic (1914), White Bottoms (1920), and Le Nouveau Monde (1925), his works depict the lavish, crazy, and strangely elegant fashions of his time.

Le vrai & le faux chic
Le Nouveau Monde: 3e. Serie
Sem: [drawings]
Le vrai & le faux chic

For more images, you can visit the SEM Collection located in the University of Houston Digital Library

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