January 7, 2013

UH Walking Tour App - Art Tour

With classes starting just a few days, it's always good prepare early. One great way to do that is to come to school and figure out where exactly your classes are. Even for returning students, the University of Houston is an expansive campus, so it's good to know how to get where you need to be before you're late to your first class and start the year off on the wrong foot. That's where UH Walking Tours comes in!

UH Tours 4

UH Walking Tours is an audio and photographic web application for your mobile device designed not only to guide you through our campus, but also familiarize yourself with our wonderful university. Discover the rich history and culture of our campus through this collection of audio and historical images. The app uses GPS tracking to pinpoint your location on campus, making for a very handy map in case you need to find any place on campus at the University of Houston.

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As you make your way across our campus, UH Walking Tours provides audio descriptions and histories of several UH buildings including M.D Anderson Library, the Ezekiel Cullen Building, University Center, and many more. The audio guide is also accompanied by great photos of our campus including historical photographs from our very own University of Houston Buildings Collection which really capture the beauty of our wonderful school.

UH Tours

For those art enthusiasts, seek out many of our school's fine works across campus with the newest feature to UH Walking Tours, Art Tour!

UH Tours 2

Much like the Campus Tour, Art Tour pin-points various statues, murals, and other installations all across campus, giving information on the artist, medium, and its location. Stand-outs include Shine And Rise found in the Honor's College, Landscape With Blue Trees on the walkway between Cullen College of Engineering and Engineering Annex Buildings, and Double Physichromie located outside of the Welcome Center.

Make sure to check out the UH Walking Tours web app for your smartphone!  Device support includes the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android-based smartphones and tablets. Also make sure to check out our University of Houston Buildings Collections, where you can find many of the pictures included in the app, here at the UH Digital Library.

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