January 23, 2013

Study Abroad Fair Tomorrow!

Are you the kind of person that wishes to travel the world and learn about different cultures? Well tomorrow the Office of International Studies and Programs will be hosting a study abroad fair at the Rockwell Pavilion on the second floor of the M.D. Anderson Library starting at 11:00 AM.

On a campus like the University of Houston, you don't have to look very far to find cultural diversity. UH is a very diverse environment with many organizations of students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Diversity Month Indian food Mexican dancer

Even if you can't leave home, you can still experience lots of cultural artifacts through the UH Library System. The University of Houston Digital Library has several collections that highlight different countries.

An Unconventional View of the Taj
India Illustrated
India Illustrated features over 200 images of India in the early 20th century when it was still under British rule.
Native Huts
Havana, Cuba, The Summer
Land of the World
View pre-Cuban Revolution Cuba through Havana, Cuba, The Summer Land of the World. This collection consists of images of historic buildings and beautiful tropical landscapes encouraging Americans to come to Cuba.
Danzante de La Pluma
Luis Marquez Photographs
These pictures from photographer Luis Marquez depict the people and culture of Mexico in the 1930s. Each photograph is hand-tinted and features many different people dressed in traditional Mexican clothing.
The Valley and Lower Pool of Gihon, Jerusalem.
Scenes from the Middle East
Scenes from the Middle East features over 100 intricate drawings of the people and places of Afghanistan, Constantinople, and Jerusalem.
Be sure to check out more of the University of Houston's diversity in the Houstonian Yearbook Collection of the UH Digital Library as well!

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