January 18, 2013

Student clubs and organizations on campus

This is the semester you've finally promised yourself to get more involved on campus, right? Or make friends in your history class so you have a study group by midterms. With a student population so large, its easy to feel overwhelmed and out of contact with the rest of the community.

However, we live in an extremely diverse city and UH students, faculty, and staff are proof of it. This allows for a multi-cultural experience that not every university has the privilege to offer. Daily contact and exchange with people from all over the world can provide the UH community with a glimpse of the wider world and allows for us to comprehend the different cultures that co-exist and make of Houston an interesting city to live in.

The University of Houston has over 400 student organizations and clubs, each with a specific mission and goal. If you don't know where to start looking, the Center for Student Involvement is a good start. Located on the second floor of the University Center, CSI provides involvement opportunities for all students at UH.  Check out their website and start finding or starting your own club.

The Houstonian Yearbook Collection has captured some of the organizations that have passed through our campus since student involvement has always been present at UH. Drama clubs, French clubs, men's and women's sports clubs are some examples. Student associations usually have a more serious agenda and have always been an important drive for making our university a better institution.

Music Study Club 1937
Music Study Club in 1937
Art Club 1944
Art Club in 1944
Hillel Society 1958
The Hillel Club, a Jewish student organization in 1958
Harvest 1972
Members of Harvest selling literary magazines in the 1970s.
Today, Glass Mountain is the undergraduate literary journal on campus.
UH Civil Engineers 1972
American Institute of Civil Engineers in 1972
For more nostalgic looks at student clubs that have ceased to exist, check out the Houstonian Yearbooks at the UH Digital Library.

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