January 24, 2013

Ninety-Degree Shift Gives Stadium New Perspective

Interior view of Robertson Stadium 

As The Daily Cougar points out to us, one feature of the new Houston Cougars Football Stadium, among an upgrade to 40,000 seats and new synthetic turf, is the new east-to-west orientation that allows for a better view of the Houston skyline. Robertson Stadium, which was demolished this past December, faced north-to-south. By facing east-to-west, audiences watching from home will have a better view of our city’s beautiful skyline. The hope with this new television-audience vantage point is not only to showcase our wonderful school and city to outsiders, but to instill a sense of pride and community among the UH and Houston community.

Aerial view of University of Houston and downtown

It’s a simple idea (albeit fiscally and architecturally more complex than “east-to-west” makes it out to be). But it’s the simple ideas that can make something special. There’s no doubt that come August 30, 2014 (the projected opening game for the new stadium), seeing our UH Cougars score with the Houston skyline in the distance will be a site to see.

Images from this post come from the University of Houston Buildings Collection. Make sure to check out our other UH-centric collections found here at the UH Digital Library!

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