December 14, 2012

Winter is almost here!

Houstonians are all very happy right now because it's been pretty cold for almost a whole week and it seems it might stay that way (cross your fingers). By the end of next week we will have officially welcomed winter so it's time to get those coats, jackets, and scarves out of the closet and ready to use!

We have some collections that offer some great ideas for retro-inspired winter outfits. Look into the 1960s and 70s Houstonian Yearbooks if you're after that cool and relaxed vibe for the holidays, or, if you want a classic and elegant look, check out the 1940s and 50s, or go all in with the old-fashioned but super cozy style that is shown in some photographs of the Harry Walker collection.

Winter fashion


Women with fury accesories

Young man wearing suit and hat

Woman and child in front porch

Visit the UH Digital Library for more great photographs!

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