November 9, 2012

Step Back into the 1970s

Times are rapidly changing here on the University of Houston campus. With the renovated University Center underdevelopment as well as a new football stadium, these are exciting times for Coogs on campus. With these sweeping changes comes a great time us to reflect on the past here at the University of Houston.

Campus life - Houstonian 1976

Today, we take a peek back into life in The University of Houston in the 70s. With an abundance of bell-bottoms and wide-collar shirts there is an obvious difference in the fashion from then and today. In the clip below, you can see what UH campus was like in 1977. Try to see how many backpacks you can spot!

Inside the University of Houston Digital Library, you can find the full 25-minute video of the clip above and more images from UH's past. The Houstonian Yearbook Collection provides a look at the changes in fashion and graphic design throughout the decades. To see the full contents of the KUHT Collection, click here.

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