October 17, 2012

Image Gallery

The University of Houston's Digital Library has a large collection of interesting images ranging from photographs to illustrations in color and black & white dating back from the 15th century to modern day. We try to showcase the pictures into our blog posts, but with over 40,000 images to chose from, only a small fraction gets posted. Here's a small gallery of some of our more neglected yet stunning images.

Menu for the Shamrock Hotel featuring a portait of a musician playing his trombone on the cover of the menu.
The profile of an unidentified squadron member from the Marine Bombing Squadron (VMB-613) with a grenade in his hand, contemplating.
Danzante de La Media Luna from the Luis Marquez Photographs collection.
Image from Le Nouveau Monde: 3e. Série by Georges Goursat, a French illustrator and caricaturist.
Image from the India Illustrated collection, featuring photographs of early 20th century India under British rule.
A venerable and saintly Brahmin, well-known in the Sholapur District. This image is one of the 217 black and white photographs featured in the India Illustrated collection.
A female dancer with a young boy in costume from the Frontier Fiesta collection. The boy is pointing a toy gun at her.
folio 17 recto
This is one of the illuminated pages found in our Book of Hours, Use of Reims Collection, which dates back to the 15th century.

DJ Screw
Here's a more intimate photograph of Robert Earl "DJ Screw" Davis Jr. at Samplified Digital Recording Studio during the recording of 3 N tha Mornin' in 1996.

Reading The Daily Cougar
A couple of students reading The Cougar before it became The Daily Cougar. Catch up on UH history with the UH Campus Life collection.

A Historic Houston Photograph of the night view of the 800 block of Main Street, looking north. The illuminated sign for Battelstein's department store is prominent on the left of the image. This photograph appears to be taken from the balcony of the Bender Hotel.
These spectacular images and the 40,000+ others in the University of Houston Digital Library are great additions to school projects and reports or any other personal or professional project, as the majority of the images are public domain. High resolution images are available upon request by simply clicking the "Request High Res" button at the top left of collection page. The University of Houston Digital Library  even provides the citation for you!

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